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Ryke geerd hamer the five biological laws of the new medicine presented by dr. Many thanks in my name and in the name of all patients who will benefit from accurate knowledge through your ethical contribution. Universitet sandefjord sandkollveien 11 n3229 sandefjord fax. Rastreoemocionesv3deabril2011 download as pdf file. The swiss cancer league described hamers approach as dangerous, especially as it lulls the patients into a false sense. Unfortunately he was unable to do so and decided to call his work the german new medicine which was successfully ed, in honor of his heritage and place of birth where he first discovered the scientific connection between the psyche, brain and organ. Libro gratis sobre las 5 leyes biologicas medicina germanica a. I do not know whether or not i will live to experience the br. Ryke geerd hamer atendiendo a sus pacientes, traducido al espanol. Aug 7, 2016 nueva medicina germanica dr ryke geerd hamer libros nmg. Also the purchase of copies published by amici di dirk will contribute not only to continued distribution from my publishing house but also allow me to further my research.

Ryke geerd hamer at the first international congress on complementary and alternative medical cancer treatment may 1415, 2005 madrid, spain. His 17year old son had been shot while on holiday in the mediterranean. Ryke geerd hamer 17 may 1935 2 july 2017, a german exphysician, was the originator of germanic new medicine, also formerly known as german new medicine and new medicine, a system of pseudomedicine that purports to be able to cure cancer. The introduction to the german new medicine on dvd is a recording of a live presentation given by ilsedora laker on february 14th 2010. Libro nuevo o segunda mano, sinopsis, resumen y opiniones. Ryke geerd hamer, a german doctor with his own practice in rome, italy, received a call in the middle of the night. Order the introduction to the german new medicine these presentations are the only dvds that have been approved by dr. The iron law of cancer each of the following criteria is. Libro gratis sobre las 5 leyes biologicas medicina. Juli 2017 in sandefjord, norwegen war ein deutscher arzt. No soy medico y no me esta permitido curar en austria. If this is your first visit, the following will serve as a short introduction.

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