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An arrow video companion limited edition hardback book ben wheatley introduction, anthony nield editor, anthony nield, graham. Im doing a project on the company, and unfortunately, the library doesnt have a. Membership is an honor a scouts troop awards individuals in their unit, based on their belief that those individuals live with a higher level of awareness and interest. An arrow video companion published by arrow films,uk 246 pgs.

Brett sullivan, director of ginger snaps unleashed and the chair the cult film reader is a great film text book and a fun read. Each section is devoted to a different facet of cult filmmaking the opening. An arrow video companion is limited edition so i recommend pre ordering now. Ernest mathijs is associate professor of film studies at the university of british columbia, canada. Cult cinema is the ultimate coffee table book for genre fans so im eager to see arrow books pump out more.

Arrow films is one of the uks leading independent distributors of world cinema, arthouse, horror and classic films. Im doing a project on arrow, and unfortunately, the library doesnt have a digital copy of the book available. This book will gnaw, scratch and infect you just like the cult films themselves. This hardback volume brings together 25 of the worlds leading genre experts and critics to guide you through the multifaceted beast that is cult cinema. An introduction presents the first indepth academic examination of all aspects of the field of cult cinema, including its primary audiences, myriad genres, and the theoretical perspectives that inform a films cult status. The cult cinema book is absolutely gorgeous and required reading for film obsessives. Before the internet and youtube, the ways that you became informed about cult cinema was from reading books, fanzines, and watching some. For over 15 years arrow films has been releasing films theatri. But collectors were really looking forward to this arrow release, because lets face it, theyve made a name for themselves in the blu ray market delivering some outstanding.

Consider this book as a look at cult cinema through the lens of arrow video, a pretty broad view. Has anyone got a copy of arrows book release cult cinema. To begin, a cult book should have a passionate following. An arrow video companion, an amazing 2015 book from arrow films. An arrow video companion, one awesome limited edition hardback covering many cult films. An arrow video companion gathers together a host of these essays, along with some new contributions, from a total of 25 writers, including a foreword from highrise and a field in england director ben wheatley, in which he gets all nostalgic for his days as a burgeoning cult cinema enthusiast in the 80s and 90s. Cult epics to release massive 25th arrow video releases cult cinema book. Arrow video have decided to release a new book titled cult cinema. The cult film reader will satisfy even the most ravenous zombies desire for detail and insight. Arrow has also just released an exquisite 247 page hardcover coffeetable book titled cult cinema. It is a place where bad taste and great art intersect, whose roster is always confrontational and uncompromising. Arrow books announces two titles for august release. An arrow video companion limited edition hardback book hardcover april 12, 2016. Exclusive look at arrows cult cinema video companion.

An arrow video companion every home video label that trades in the unusual or offbeat has, at one time or another, been nicknamed the criterion of cult. Cult books are somehow, intangibly, different from simple bestsellers though many of them. This hardback volume brings together 25 of the worlds leading genre. The plot barely makes sense, the set design is comically inept, and. An arrow video companion will release on march 29th and approaches its subject from five angles. Afficiados of horror cinema consider arrow the rolls. Offers a scholarly treatment of a hotly contested topic at the center of current academic debate. The death and life of oliver queen by benjamin percy, green ar. Vantassle before the internet and youtube, the ways that you became informed about cult cinema was from reading books, fanzines, and watching some beat up vhs copies of the movies. He is the author of the cinema of david cronenberg. This sincerely is a companion, not a catalog masquerading as a coffee table book. Turn away from the typical hollywood fare and prepare for an offbeat trip with some of cinemas most eccentric farout films.

An arrow video companion is one of the most comprehensive and informative looks at the classics out there. The essays themselves have been provided by some of the biggest names in underground film criticism. Cult movies, cult directors, cult actors, cult genres and subgenres, and cult distribution, with each section is filled to the brim with indepth essays on their respective. After addressing the wellknown aspects of cult cinema midnight movies, exploitation films, fans of. Past those factors, yardie doesnt distinguish itself as either a cultcinema counterpart to the book or a new addition to the crimeflick canon. If you collect arrow video bluray and dvd releases, you really should own this awesome informative book.

A cult book may be hard to define but one thing is for sure. From baron of blood to cultural hero 2008, coauthor of cult cinema with jamie sexton, 2011 and coeditor of the cult film reader with xavier mendik, 2008. The cult film reader mathijs, ernest, mendik, xavier. White has stated that prior to zombie flesh eaters, the label had a less favorable reception and that a lot of those criticisms were valid. Reflecting arrows eclectic release slate, cult cinema is impressively. This dvd collection of strange, surreal, outrageous and straight up weird cult classics is packed with genredefining films that are anything. The cult film reader ernest mathijs, xavier mendik. Consciously designed to look even awesomer on your coffee table than an arrow bluray would, the. Tommy wiseaus 2003 film the room is by many accounts the worst movie ever made.

Salingers the catcher in the rye and on the road by jack kerouac. None are more deserving of that title than arrow video, a british label that first officially crossed over to our side of the atlantic early last year. An arrow video companion compiles the many essays that have been included in the booklets of their special edition releases along with a new introduction by filmmaker ben wheatley. An arrow video companion limited edition hardback book at.

Popular green arrow books meet your next favorite book. We settle down with arrow videos hefty brand new book not content with merely being the best damned cult video rerelease outlet on the planet, arrow video have now decided to branch out into the words and pictures etched into dead trees format with their new book, arrow video. Order of the arrow is a service organization within the boy scouts of america. Have you struggled to find a book that covers meiko kajis legendary cult films and her singing career. Why people keep watching the worst movie ever made vox. Plus anytime meiko kaji is getting love, well thats reason to celebrate. Synopsis headed up by filmmaker nico b, cult epics is among the most dedicated and longrunning purveyors of true cult cinema, with 25 years of beautiful releases for the big and small screen alike.

Cult cinema an arrow video companion is a fitting showcase for arrows achievements to date. An arrow video companion uk stock update the uk edition of our cult cinema book has now sold out via. Bluray in his debut film as writerdirector, john hughes immediately cemented himself as the king of teen cinema with sixteen candles, and in the process. Cult cinema an arrow video companion limited edition by.

Arrow films, arrow video, arrow academy, arrow tv, dvd, bluray, limited edition, arrow records, arrow books, nordic noir, uk, shop, buy, order. Unobstructed view is proud to be the exclusive canadian distribution for uk based arrow films, a leading restorer and theatrical distributor of classic and culthorror films, including landmark titles such as cinema paradiso 25thanniversary reissue, donnie darko 15thanniversary reissue and hellraiser 30th anniversary reissue. This is a list of almost all the movies featured and referenced in cult cinema. You can check out the offical press release below for the full details. You may or may not have seen our article on great horror films not on blu ray, however we are surely not ready to stop there with so many great highly regarded cult films still sitting off to the side waiting for a uprezzing to occur. If anyone does, would you mind seeing if they have any information in there about the arrow brandcompany. The effort and knowledge contained in the cult film reader will satisfy even the most ravenous zombies desire for detail and insight.

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